towel of fear

getting ready to fall asleep
scorpion speeding upside down
on the tent's ceiling
then disappearing under pile of clothing
searching for him
to get him out of the tent
moving the pile of clothing
the quick guy is already somewhere else
underneath the sleeping mat
moving out things from the tent
searching for him with flashlight in one hand
small towel in the other
with the intention of catching him alive
and releasing him outside
dark night
the scorpion continues with the hide-and-seek game
grabbed him once with the towel
but he managed to sneak out of it
frightened of him
he's horrified of me
situation goes on for half an hour
there he is again
this time on top of my sheet
grabbing him with the towel
fear makes me press too hard
my fear killed him
same fear that makes
one human kill the other
a nation fight another
humanity's lack of trust
manifests as the finger
that's too easy on the towel's trigger
© 2002. All Rights Reserved.
Zemach Zohar Wilson, Costa Rica, January 2002

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