mystic rose

osho commune in pune, india
a cocktail of happiness and sadness
participating in mystic rose
a three-week process
first week laughing
second week crying
third week silence
it was during the first day
of the crying phase
that i received the message
that my dear friend eran has expired
"expired" is the indian terminology for death
after all
each one of us is a milk carton
with his or her personal expiration date
eran got killed on his motorcycle in new york
what timing
i have a motorcycle phobia
it was only a month and a half ago
that as an exercise to overcome this phobia
i went on a ride with eran
all the way uptown on first avenue
then all the way downtown on the fdr drive
kept breathing
fully trusted eran and his driving
eran lived his life to the max
very active
always on the run
he truly lived his life
burning the torch from both ends
during the osho white robe meditation
a celebration with live music
and live silence
danced and cried
remembering eran
during the mystic rose week of tears
having memories of things eran and i
used to do together
places and experiences we shared
feel so fortunate
to be given a full week
dedicated to crying
100% blissful sadness
the ultimate goodbye from eran
© 2001. All Rights Reserved.
Zemach Zohar Wilson, Pune India, August 2001

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