i used to be a suit
working in an

for corporate america
until a friend told me about a school
the institute for integrative nutrition
went for an orientation at the school
it was free and they even served
delicious organic dinner
a bold guy in black blazer led the evening
he told info i've never heard before
he was funny
very entertaining
the two hours flew by
felt like seeing a show
i was searching for my skepticism
to hold me back from enrolling in this school
but my skepticism was too busy
getting a third helping of the veggie pate
leaving me on my own to sign up for the school
the rest is history
had amazing year at this school
everyday that passed
i realized that life will never be the same
there was no way back into the matrix
quit my job

started my own holistic health practice
now my income comes with love
and instead of 3 weeks holiday a year
i have 3 months holiday
the institute for integrative nutrition claims
that they are the only school of its kind in the world
mamma mia, they are so right
if you are curious about this school
i'll be happy to answer your questions
or see more details here
© 2001. All Rights Reserved.
Zemach Zohar Wilson, New York, October 2001

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