colonics in the jungle

christmas and new year's in a
spiritual and ecological village in costa rica
spending two weeks of silence
100 people living together
working, eating, meditating together
all in total silence
each time i visit the place
can't help noticing how the place keeps growing
moving from pioneers living in tents in the jungle
into a well developed village in nature
the dimension of health keeps evolving here
so many great healers of diverse healing modalities
one of the healers
has developed a cleansing program
in order to have colonics machines in the jungle
he had to build them
the village is a very creative place
not only healers
but also musicians, actors, dancers, performers,
as well as imaginative constructors, electricians,
gardeners, designers
with the help of some creative people
the healer designed and built his own colonics machines
using stainless steel from kitchen supply store for the bed
the feces collector is made from a champagne cooler
the big bowl underneath it used to be indian cooking pot
the water tanks are mineral water containers
and the tip that goes into the rectum (what to do)
is made from the plastic cover of a pen
add to this valves, pipes, handles
and lots of imagination and good hands
the results are four amazing state-of-the-art
colonics machines
that automatically receive heated purified water
since we went into two weeks of silence
said to myself
how about combining the silence with fasting and colonics
the healer has placed me on a fourteen-day program
with specific diet and fasting
combined with supplements and one or two daily colonics
tried colonics before in new york city
indoor facility in a building
inside a small room
with colonics therapist
not the most fun experience
imagine the following
the colonics machines in the village
are outdoor in the jungle
lying down
i'm the driver
in control of the handle that allows water in and out
cleaning my system
trees around and above me
red sunset over the pacific ocean
baby monkeys on the trees above my head
feasting on the leaves from the trees
nature joking with me
while plugged to the machine
realizing why these monkeys will never need colonics
they know what to eat
they haven't mutilated their food
by creating processed foods, fried foods,
chemicalized foods, overcooked foods
they simply know what to eat
when to eat
how much to eat
they never suffer from cancer, diabetes, obesity,
or heart problems
and they reach their natural old age
which is 6 to 7 times their age of maturity
by the way
this doesn't apply to monkeys or any other animals
who are held captive by humans
captive animals are suffering from human diseases
since they are fed mutilated foods
they also die prematurely
just like most humans
by nature or un-nature
colonics is never the most fun experience
yet if to go through them
nothing compares to this experience of colonics in the jungle
making it a meditative process
emptying the unnecessary residues of the past
while becoming one with mother earth
© 2004. All Rights Reserved.
Zemach Zohar Wilson, Costa Rica, January 2004

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