bombay-delhi train

a month ago i wanted to run away
from feeling betrayed
from the pain
didn't have the physical strength for the journey
felt that even if i escaped
the pain will join my travels
won't let go
will keep biting
without taking a break
at the osho commune there could be intermissions
time intervals between one wave of pain to another
despite the red sheet
that will keep waggling in my face
an atrocious sheet
an amiable sheet
today i'm on the roads
less escaping
more observing
a night sleep on the train
without the stormy waves
beginning to break free
riding into the unknown
confused regarding the afterwards
realizing the afterwards isn't the matter
the train is soothing
the tribulations quieting
the food caressing
the passengers are courteous
a wrapping that does me good
i smile
© 2000. All Rights Reserved.
Zemach Zohar Wilson, Bombay-Delhi India, August 2000

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