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  • Your newsletter illuminates the email 'inbox.' – David McKibbin
  • You were a welcome ray of light on a cold February evening. The work you share and live is a blessing to the world. Continue to shine for you are an inspiration to us all. – Erika B.
  • Thank you. Your newsletter is always interesting and beautiful to read. You describe everything is such a lovely way. Lots of love comes from you through your dedication to your research and your way of living. This is very precious. – Nadiya
  • Your Pacha Mama stories are the best thing I've read in a long time. I love your newsletter. Loved the bed story! Loved many. – Jena La Flamme

    It's always good to read your interesting and even exotic experiences. – Fred Huang
  • You are a poet. Great newsletter. – Joshua Rosenthal
  • Wow. What a totally interesting, intriguing zippy newsletter. Food for thought. – Comet
  • You live such a blessed and light-filled life. Thank you for keeping me abreast of your experiences and for continuing to share your marvelous experiences. – Veronica Garaycochea
  • I love the way you find words for every experience or sensation. – Rickey Benjamin
  • Truely inspiring. – Marise Mizrahi
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  • I'd like to let you know how much I appreciate your commitment to your work and your newsletter. I look forward to receiving it every month. – Bekah Starr
  • Thank you for your wonderful newsletter – I learn so much from the articles – really great information. – Ivy Angelina
  • Keep your emails coming. Big fans. – Carmit and David Bach
  • I am so glad that you exist in the world and that you are bringing so much goodness to those around you. – Jillian
  • You seem to me quite together in your consciousness and presence and have influenced me a lot through the newsletter. I deeply appreciate the love you extend to me and around the world. –Jonathan T.
  • I wanted to say thank you. That was a great newsletter. Always good to hear from you. You are very inspiring. – Laura Tzur

    I commend you on your work. Continue to bring life and happiness to this world and city.
    Christine Meyers
  • This newsletter is wonderfully informative and fun. Thank you. – Ahijah Mitchell
  • Beloved, I just read your Newsletter and I'm writing to say YOU ARE SO AMAZING. All the things you keep creating. I see your expansion; it's wonderful and incredibly inspiring. I'm really happy for having met you and am thrilled by the way you spread your wings. You are such a dynamic incredible creator. I bow down in recognition of your being. Much love to you, light being. – Prem Amanda
  • It is so nice to be receiving your newsletter. I am living in Milan, Italy. It is so cold and grey here, but reading about your life in Costa Rica is cheering me up. – Anna Paola
  • The poem about Costa Rica was beautiful. Thanks for sharing all the details like that. It was very visual. – Jackie Valentin
  • I've been receiving your e-newsletter since August 2001. I have some news for you! I am a student in the current class at the Integrative Nutrition school you went to. Your newsletter introduced me to this school. I am having an amazing experience and I wanted to thank you.
    Elishia Joy
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful observations. – Carole Delmul
  • Thanks for sharing everything with us. – Claudia Faimberg
  • Thanks for your Costa Rica update. God bless you!!! – Orli Mallin
  • Thank you so much. Your Pacha Mama verbal tour is the closest it can get to physically being there. My eyes are blissfully wet. – Kantu Veet
  • Thanks a lot for your Newsletter with all the impressions from your time in Pacha Mama.
  • It's always good to hear from you. Come visit us in Prague. Best wishes and lots of love.
    Tomas Umlauf
  • I love your Costa Rica story. – Meche Kroop
  • What you are currently involved with is certainly a refreshing and envious course of business for people who are working in an increasingly materialist world at the cost of their physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. Keep up the good work. – Fred Huang
  • You are such a big inspiration to me, always bringing me to interesting people and places, showing me new pieces of the puzzle that leads to opening my mind and following my heart.
    – Petra Kauraisa
  • I was so happy that I got a chance to read your email this month. Your first story really struck me and I read it twice. The message you received, "It doesn't matter" really resonated for me. I have been bothered for the last two days by the fact that someone hadn't called me. The feeling was stealing my energy and I was hoping for a different way to think/feel about the situation. So, when I read the words "It doesn't matter" they jumped out at me. I took a pen and wrote them down and peace immediately washed over me. No more anxiety about the call. I smiled and knew on a cellular level that "It REALLY doesn't matter." Thirty seconds after I wrote the words down the phone rang and it was the call I was waiting for. Coincidence? I think not. Many blessings and much gratitude to you. – Katrina

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