New York Time with Alok, Holistic Health Counselor

By Doron Hanoch

– Where do you live?
“In the East Village.”
– What brought you to New York?
“Coincidence, an unplanned visit that turned into an eleven-year stay.”
– Have you always worked in the health field?
“I worked for seven years as an advertising executive. I started feeling that the ecological state of our planet requires lowering our consumption level. Advertising does the opposite; it encourages consumerism. So I left advertising and started working with health, a field I was always interested in, only that now it’s also my job.”
– What exactly do you do as a counselor?
“I work one on one with the clients in order to develop their intuitions, making them know and understand what’s good for them. The program also includes cooking classes.”
– Give us a free health recommendation.
“Love yourself.”
– What is the first thing you’ll show a tourist in New York?
“Alphabet City in the East Village.”
– Where would you definitely not take him?
“To the big department stores.”
– What kind of conversations do you have with your neighbors in the elevator?
“We have neighborly relationships, not as much as in Israel, but sometimes they knock on the door for a spice. They know I don’t have sugar.”
– How would you break the ice with Americans?
“You make them the topic of the conversation.”
– How’s your celebrity count so far?
“I’ve done yoga with Christy Turlington, Sting, Willem Dafoe, and three times I’ve lied a mat next to Madonna.”
– What’s your preferred way of spending time?
“Events that take place outdoors, in nature.”
– What’s the best branch in the city?
“Angelica’s Kitchen, Caravan of Dreams.”
– What’s a recommended club or bar?
“Krishna Das on Mondays at Jivamukti Yoga Center.”
– What do you miss in New York?
“A longer summer.”
– What disturbs you the most?
“The honking from the cars.”
– What do you love in the city?
“The variety of organic food, the yoga, and the many people who are interested in these fields.”
– What do you miss from Israel?
“Friends, family, and the scenery.”
– What do you have inside your refrigerator now?
“Ume plum paste, tofu, rice milk, bee pollen, mochi, organic vegetables, and Israeli pickles.”
– What do you love the most?
“I’ll never say no to a good humus.”
– What will you take with you to a deserted island?
– Where’s the future?

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