As a consultant, teacher, facilitator and therapist in nutrition and health information in general, and in integrative nutrition in particular, the magnitude of the years has been exposed to the media many times.

On this page I have collected many articles that you have written and in some of them I have been interviewed for the written press, from major newspapers such as Yedioth Ahronoth, Haaretz and The Marker to various magazines. I have also attached many TV interviews and a lot of participation and interviewing, programs on the works channel that have participations and corners in various TV shows. Feel free to read, hear and be impressed.

Time Out NY

Become EntrancedBy Jules Verdone When a Body Temple Holistic Celebration is in full swing, you’ll find yourself surrounded by dancers dancing and drummers drumming (sorry: no maids a milking). If you came at 11, you would think that the people are drunk or stoned, says Alok, director of Alok Holistic Health Center and an organizer of this

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The New Age of Rave The New Age of Rave They chant, they dance, they do downward dog. No drugs or drink allowed. These kids are high on life By Suzanne SmalleyNEWSWEEK July 7 issue – Kim Schmidt glistens with sweat as she dances, trancelike, to the repetitive beat coming from industrial-size speakers in the corner.

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Radio Interview, June 2007

Steve interviews Zohar Zemach Wilson – Part one Zohar Zemach Wilson, Director Formerly a staff sergeant in the Israeli army and an advertising executive in corporate America, Zohar Zemach has shifted his energy from war and consumerism into healing. He is founder and director of the Alok Holistic Health Community in New York City and

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New York Time with Alok, Holistic Health Counselor

By Doron Hanoch – Where do you live?“In the East Village.”– What brought you to New York?“Coincidence, an unplanned visit that turned into an eleven-year stay.”– Have you always worked in the health field?“I worked for seven years as an advertising executive. I started feeling that the ecological state of our planet requires lowering our

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Yedioth America

Want to Quit Smoking? Try Lettuce Alok Health used to be a successful advertising man with a name that made sense. At one point he became a holistic health counselor. His program will assist you in achieving your health goals with proper nutrition, yoga, meditation, massage, and open dialogue. A successful workshop at Alok’s will

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Maariv America

It Will End Up in Tears The first thirty days of mourning after the World Trade Center disaster have passed yet it still feels crappy. One psychologist says to get in touch with the pain while a second one recommends being sincere with your kids. And one holistic healer who cries, laughs, and keeps silent,

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