Body Temple

Welcome to Body Temple
"An ecstatic extravaganza." – The Village Voice
From Shaman to Showman.
From Ancestral Drums to Electronic Beats.
From telling stories around the Fire to the Performing Arts.

"Incredible. An eye opening orgasmic experience. My mind is open and my body is reinvigorated."

"Nothing short of fantastic!"

"Body Temple really knows how to throw a party. The performances were insane. Hot stuff."

"I was absolutely blown away. What a fantastic, positive, sensual, rejuvinating vibe."

"Body Temple is a chance for people to go inside and open up to themselves in a way that is rarely available in the US."

"Amazing. Like paradise."

"Terrific. The best time I have had in a long time."

"We had the best time ever. From the circle to the didgeridoo meditation. The food, body painting, and music were all incredible."

"I was moved. I felt an incredible sense of connection and release and am extremely grateful."

"Amazing dance party."

"Sober, fun, good vibes, good food."

"Never before have I been to a party like this."

"I haven't felt that unburdened in as long as I can remember."

"I had the best time. Thank you for creating the space for it all to happen."

"Intriguing. The performance aspects were potent and intense."

"Wonderful event. Great people, energy, and nourishment material and spiritual."

"I had a blast. The crowd was pumping and everyone just so together."

"Thank you for holding that amazing space for our awesome community of light. The energy was so potent and everywhere I looked, sisters and brothers were meeting each other as one in the dance. The music and the drumming were truly stellar, I could not stop dancing and with a new presence in my bones and breath. The ceremony. The trance dance. Thank you! We are forging the new way, to live and be in an urban setting as forest beings and I am honored to dance amongst such beautious shaman beings as yourselves."

"Absolutely amazing. Incredible music, amazing energy. It was so cool to be surrounded by so many like-minded people. Whether you wanted to dance, do yoga or tai chi, get a massage, it was all there and there was no judgment on anything, only support and love. I had a great time, and I feel like the great energy of the night has been with me ever since. I can't wait for the next event. You have definitely recruited a new follower. It seems like you are an amazing group of people with the right idea about body, mind, and spirit."

There was a time when our ancestors viewed life as a complete circle. No separation between humans and nature existed. They knew that the magical and living worlds were one. They gave thanks by dancing and singing through the night to the creator and the mystery of life. They would listen to Shamans speak wondrous tales of communicating with the primal forces of existence. They would become intoxicated with the entrancement of the Drum, Dance, Song and Fire. Thus the formation of Body Temple, a group of men and women whose goal is to break down the separation between Creativity, Nightlife and Connection to the Divine and Nature.
Body Temple operated between July 2002 and March 2006. Body Temple is a 21st century hybrid performance troupe where the DJ is part of the cast. We unite past,present and future. Body Temple has produced events in such venues as the Lunatarium, the Foundry, Brooklyn Lyceum, Estate, Atmananda Center, Spirit New York, Grand Space, Space 515 and Burning Man DeCom in NYC.
Our roots are inspired by the Ancient Mystery plays, The Living Theatre and Happenings of the 60's, the DIY mindset of Punk, Esalen Institute and festivals like Burning Man.
Body Temple is a spiritual opera, a tantric circus, a performing mystery school, and a shamanic journey. The entire night is to be experienced as a journey with beginning, middle and end. We guide participants through a celebration of the wisdom of ancestors and the creative spirit of today. Throughout the night we incorporate a wide array of Live and Electronic Global Trance music, as well as presenting teachings such as Shamanic TranceDance.
Come be ravished by the Mythical Beat inside the Heat of Body Temple.

Mark Sklawer: Creator/Director/Performer/Dreamer of Visions
Mark Sklawer has been exploring the connection between popular culture, spirituality and mythology all of his creative life. He is a musician, producer, director, visual artist, and visionary. Growing up with Rock, mythic and popular culture led Mark to pursue studying and working in the arts, as a professional photographer,musician as well in the performing arts. At the same time he trained in different forms of disciplines such as meditation, shamanism, body/mind and martial practices, as well as ecstatic drum and dance rituals. Mark realized that all culture is rooted in the ancestors singing and dancing their stories around the fire. The only difference is the technology of expression and the access to global information.This has led him to create for over ten years, ritual theatrical dance events, cultivating in the vision of Body Temple.

Parashakti: Warrior-Shaman/Queen of the Dance
Jerusalem-born Parashakti is the Founder of the Shakti Spirit Ritual Dance Ensemble, a group of women dancers dedicated to exploring the essence of spirit and the essence of dance. Parashakti attended Performing art schools in Los Angeles & Tel Aviv, Israel, majoring in Theatrical movement. She served in the Israeli Army's special theater performing troupe for 2 years. Following her Army Service she acted in the 2 National theaters in Israel, the Haifa theater and Habima in Tel Aviv. Parashakti integrates shamanic healing, bodywork, trancedance and yoga at the leading centers in NYC and in her private practice. She has traveled world wide facilitating ceremonies for individuals and communities. Descended from a long line of spiritual healers, Parashakti's extensive training in healing modalities and apprenticeships with Shamans make her uniquely qualified to serve as a trusted healer and guide trough her gifted hands, heart, voice and presence.

Zohar Wilson: Producer/Minister of Mercurial Information
Formerly a staff sergeant in the Israeli army and an advertising executive in corporate America, Zohar has shifted his energy from war and consumerism into healing. He is founder and director of the Alok Holistic Health Community and has taught and counseled at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Zohar is board certified Holistic Health Counselor through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and member of Psi Chi, the American National Honor Society in Psychology. He is author of the book "Stepping Onion," and the primary contributor for the monthly "Alok Holistic Health Newsletter," which combines holistic health with storytelling and celebration. In his workshops around the world, Zohar combines nutrition and health with spirituality, meditation, and life celebration.

Rene Collins: Performer/Natural Mystic
Rene Collins is a mystic, magician,artist,circus performer,martial artist and musician for over 20 years. He has studied magick from western traditions such as Golden Dawn, Thelema, Chaos Magick and African Spirituality (such as Yoruba and Kematic traditions). Among his many roles as an accomplished actor, Rene has performed as Lucias from Julius Caesar, Bassanio from Merchant of Venice, and Puck from Midsummer's Night Dream in various theatre companies on the west coast. As a musician Rene has written and recorded numerous songs as lead singer with such bands such as Blue Ceiling, and High on the Land. Rene uses all of his talents and knowledge as orator to create a magical atmosphere in the Body Temple experience.

Fabian Alsultany: Global Producer/Chief Resident DJ/Sun King
As founder of internationally-acclaimed DJ troupe GlobeSonic Sound System, Fabian Alsultany has been bringing the sounds of the world around the world. With Beirut, Egypt, Brazil, London, and cross-continental US behind him, Fabian fuses many cultures into one global mix with his eclectic fusion of bass-banging tracks. Compiler of numerous compilations and serving as Director of A&R and Festivals at Palm Pictures, resident dj of NYC's holistic rave Body Temple, and founder of former production agenncy Uprise Management & Productions, he is both creating and spinning future music now. With an impressive sonic palate ranging from Trancedance ritual to four-on-the-floor stompers, Fabian delivers the planet to your ears.

Derek Beres: Site Design/Resident DJ/Monadic Archtitect
Derek Beres is one of the leading figures in international music in America, working in numerous facets of the industry, from journalist and DJ to producer and presenter. He has written for dozens of magazines covering the traditional and digital realms of global music and has toured internationally, playing alongside some of the most important figures in the scene today. Well versed in international music, he is equally adamant about world cultures as well, devoting his life to the path of yoga, Eastern philosophies and world mythology. His first book, Global Beat Fusion, was published in 2005, and he is hard at work on two new books. Besides his writing hand, he crafts this very website, DJs in GlobeSonic Sound System and teaches yoga and Budokon at Equinox Fitness.

Chaim Tolwin: Percussionist/Master of Boom
Chaim Tolwin has been part of the the BT family for over two years as a live rhythm machine and inspirer of groove luvin booty shakers with The Body Temple Drummers. Originally from Jerusalem, Israel, Chaim has lived, studied and played in California, Detroit, Chicago, and, for the past ten years, New York City. He began his studies at nine years old and has dedicated his life to the pursuit of rhythmic mastery since, studying under greats such as Joe Morello (Dave Brubeck), Baba Jagun (Fela Kuti), and Papa Ladji Camara (African Percussion master and teacher). He currently works and lives out of his Brooklyn studio freelancing full time as a drummer and drum teacher as well as playing with two local groups around the Northeast.

David Majzlin: Composer/Creative Bon Vivant
David Majzlin's musical career began at age two with a performance art piece composed by destroying the ivory keys of his parents' piano with a toy hammer. Shortly thereafter, he pursued degrees at the University of Florida and New York University, where he began scoring to picture. Based in New York City, David's film composing credits include Being Reel, which won the 2004 Refreshing Filmmaker Competition, Excuses Excuses, which was nominated for a Student Academy Award®, Virgin Larry, winner of the Coen Brothers Audience Award (Brooklyn Film Festival), the psychological thriller Scallop Pond (CGF Films), Welcome to New York (Showtime), and over 22 independent films. David has also composed for dance, including projects for Susan Dodge (Paul Taylor Dance Company) and choreographer Scott Jacobs (Tap).

Cypher Zero: Acrobatic Performer/Master of Flight
Cypher Zero is the founder and Executive Artistic Director of FireFly Aerial Acrobatics. He expresses his unique vision through creating precise, highly technical movement, which fuses the thrill and risk of circus art with the flow and emotion of dance. Cypher trained with internationally renowned circus, dance, and theatre artists, including members of Cirque du Soleil and Pilobolus. He has written and directed two feature length theatrical shows, as well as choreographing numerous acts for film, television and special events. In addition to training FireFly personnel, Cypher regularly tours in the US and abroad, teaching, training performers, and directing aerial acrobatics. To promote and facilitate the growth of this art form, Cypher established the New York Circus Arts Academy, where students train for professional careers, recreation and fitness.

Justin Ahiyon: Percussionist/Professor of Beats
Justin Ahiyon is a freelance percussionist born and raised in Queens, NY. He has studied classical music in New York, India, and the Middle East. Since college he has been performing classical, contemporary classical, arabic, indian, rock, jazz and experimental music on just about every percussion instrument under the sun. Justin has shared the stage with a broad array of artists such as Wyclef Jean, Talujon Percussion, Bang on a Can Allstars, Alarm Will Sound and others. Recently, his band Consider the Source has been drowning NYC audiences with there unique "head bangin' bellydance music". He continues on his quest to seek out and develop his own musical vioce, and is honored to be a part of the amazing experience that is Body Temple.

Ivy Angelina: Perfomer/Instigator of Tantric Dreams
Ivy Angelina is a Principal dancer with Body Temple and a Facilitator/Guardian for Body Temple's Shamanic Trance Dances lead by Parashakti and Rene Collins. She attended the Los Angeles County High School of the Arts and performed with several companies including Oh! Olivia Dance Company and Assorted Change. She attended Naropa University and is a passionate explorer of hermentic magic, interfaith spirituality, authentic ecstatic movement and the sacred within sexuality.

Melanie Gold: Stage Manager/Goddess of Order
Melanie hails from the former Soviet Union where as a child she performed in numerous school productions, dances and puppet shows. She was called to the theater early and staged many shows while growing up in communist Russia, as well as during the long trip to the US. Her theater career resurfaced when she began working with educational theater companies as a traveling performer. She now holds a bachelor's degree in Theater from Rutgers University, as well as a Masters in Educational Theater from NYU. She has worked as a theater workshop leader for over 15 years. During that time, she acted as director, stage manager, costume designer, lighting technician, choreographer, playwright, set designer, sound designer, sometimes simultaneously! Having worked with youngsters for a long time, she is overjoyed to work with the big kids at Body Temple. While theater is her passion, dane remains the mainstay of her life.

Jodan: Percussionist/Alchemical Sound Weaver
UK-born, Peru/Florida/Mediterranean/Spirit raised Jodan, formally John Daniel Grecia Alzamora Dickin, moved to the NYC area 11 years ago. As musical director of World Artists for Tibet and founder of World Peace Studio/DaoShen Vibration Art Therapies, Jodan integrates Sound, Color, Touch, Qi Vibrational Medicine, Activism, Fashion Design and (sub-bass) Massage Therapy (graduated the Swedish Institute 4/06). Jodan studied Neuroacoustics with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson in Encinitas, CA and has been composing sonic medicine for awakening the inner healer; using Binaural Beats and Brainwave Entrainment to promote communication & homeostasis so the body can reach its optimum potential, whether in deep calm meditation or ecstatic trance-dance.

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