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What does circumcision have to do with cornflakes?

What does circumcision have to do with cornflakes? Keep reading and you'll find out.
I grew up in Israel, where during the 70s we didn't have many American things, for example: cornflakes. I had a friend whose father worked for an airline and used to bring goodies from America, including cornflakes. I loved visiting my friend and eat with him the magical American cornflakes with milk and sugar. It was sweet, delicious, and my friend's mom said it was healthy because it was made from corn.
Today I know a little better. Cornflakes are actually corn R.I.P. – corn that went through major processing that made it lose its nutritional value. No wonder the food industry is "enriching" morning cereals with vitamins and minerals – if these cereals were not so poor, there would be no need to enrich them. These flakes that once could have been a healthy, nutritious corn, became something processed, very quickly turning into sugar inside the body (even if it's sugarless cornflakes).
Cornflakes were invented by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. During the late 19th century Dr. Kellogg and additional puritan doctors introduced to the USA the male circumcision. Dr. Kellogg claimed that this procedure reduces sexual pleasure, which helps tame the male's base lustful instincts. The inventor of cornflakes thought about women as well – in order to reduce their sexual desires he recommended applying pure carbolic acid to the clitoris (at least this recommendation didn't gain popularity). Here's a short clip about Dr. Cornflakes' invention: So next time someone offers you cornflakes . . .

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